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Dosenbach & Associates was built on the premise of providing timely, efficient and cost-effective solutions to real-world contract dispute issues, while saving clients time and money when it comes to settling many types of legal actions. It is our passion to assist our clients in receiving the best course of action and determination through their proceedings. Did you know that most legal cases don't actually go all the way to a full trial? Instead, these cases are settled either through mediation or arbitration; which is usually less costly and more satisfying for all parties than legal trials.

Tamera (Tammy) Dosenbach
Certified Mediator/Arbitrator
Business Intermediary/Consultant

Tamera (Tammy) Dosenbach received her BA from DePaul University in Business Administration and Civil Engineering in 1990. She earned her Mediation Certificate from DePaul University, School of Law in 2010 while completing her MBA at DePaul University in Chicago, IL. Tammy also received Certification credentials for completing the Mediation & Arbitration Graduate Program at the University of Utah and divorce training at the Utah State Bar's, Utah Dispute Resolution (UDR) center, Salt Lake City, UT in 2014.

Her professional background includes 26-years of executive leadership to the environmental service industry resolving complex disputes with government contracts, employment, employment compensation, financial discrepancies and hardships, debt consolidation, customer complaints, insurance claims, landlord-tenant disputes, probate, and in negotiating acquisition agreements.

Tammy also volunteers (pro bono) mediation services to inmates at adult correctional facilities for release to the Foundations for Family Life, Sober Program. Tammy has been a USPTA tennis instructor since 1989 and enjoys league volleyball.


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